Skin Fair Preview #1

Hey everyone! I am so happy to be blogging skin fair! Anyone that knows me knows that I am a total skin fanatic. I seriously change my skin at least every other week. I know, it’s a sickness! Anyways, what better place for my addiction then spend time at skin fair! For those who have never heard of it, skin fair is a really awesome shopping fair. This year the dates for it is March 15th-31st.

Please note, this pose will not have any URL’s in it since the fair is not open to the public until the 15th.

This year’s skin fair is sponsored by the following: Amacci, JesyLilo, ND/MD Skins & Shapes, LoOmi, Dream Ink, TD Templates, La Petite Morte, Style by Kira, Skin Addiction, Cynful Clothing & Co, The Blue Lagoon Club, The Plastik, and Eos Games. There are over 80 designers in the fair this year.

After visiting the sale, I can truly say there is something for everyone here! This year there are male and female skins, child skins, fantasy skins, and even mesh avatars, and some super cute mesh child avatars as well! They are enforcing a strict script policy when you visit the fair this year so make sure you have on as little as you can, while keeping it PG, and detach all attachments.


On to the post! I am going to be doing a post every day from now till the day skin fair opens so make sure you check back! Today’s skin of choice is from Razzanova by Fergie Finesmith. It is called Armelle. Fernie truly outdone herself with this skin. It is absolutely stunning. It comes in three tones: fair, mid tan, and tan. It also comes with a shape and tons of makeup options as well as cleavage enhancers. In the pictures, I did it with the light default eyebrows but it also comes with dark brows as well for all you brunettes! Hope you enjoy!!!



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