Night Out on the Town

This dress was released a while ago from Indyra Originals, however, due to me being away from Second Life for a couple of months, I am just now getting caught back up on blogging. This dress is called Vicereine and it is truly an amazing dress. It comes with many different options. After putting it on, I thought it’d be really perfect for a Halloween costume as well since it has sort of a vampire flare to it. It comes with 8 different looks. The looks are 3 gown options, 3 catsuit options, 2 lingerie options, hosiery, gloves, and a ruffled ascot. The option I am showing is one of the gown options. Hope you enjoy this amazing dress from Indyra as much as I do.




Dress – Vicereine from Indyra Originals

Poses – Flirt Pack for Embody Poses

Jewelry – Wanderer Set from League in Black

Hair – Jemima from Truth in Pumpkin

Skin – Milena from Mynerva


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